Create categories and organize them in the order you want

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Now you can organize your items by subject also help you classify your work so that users can find what they are most interested in a single click.

You can find more information in our Online Helpdesk Arcadina.

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Example of page: Text and image combined

07th May 2014 - Examples - Comment -

This is another example entry.

This is a page where you can combine text and images, is very useful when you want to do an article explaining that it rests with images.

It will be very easy to organize text and images to this mode is that you use the text editor of the article within the management panel of your blog.

1) Images and text on the same line.



Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

Color |

Color photography is a division of the art of photography that comes from developing the technique of color photography.

Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

Black and White |

The black and white photography, sometimes abbreviated as B/N or English B/W (black and white), is an adjectival phrase used primarily in film and photography to describe various forms of visual technology. The black and white photography is characterized by the absence of color, due to their chemical nature, consisting of silver halide. 



2) Images and text interspersed:


The photomontage is the process, and also the result of making a composite illustration of others, it is a kind of collage. This composition can be made by cutting other illustrations gathering a certain number of them. Sometimes the artwork is photographed compound until the final image is a simple photograph.



Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

The English photographer Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901) is credited as the first to perform this technique of photomontage, did soon after beginning his career in 1857.



(Source texts: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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Share your work through endless social networks

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You can share blog entries on our website Google+, facebook, twitter, etc.. So visitors to your blog can share their profiles on Facebook, send the item to the mail, etc.

You can include all your articles in a number of icons that enable them to be shared by site visitors on social networks and other web services, such as sending the item by email.
These icons facilitate the re-distribution of content, increasing the visibility of the places from which they come and generating, potentially, an increase in visitor traffic to them, which becomes a significant improvement of the positioning of your website seekers.


You only need to activate the option to share from the management panel.



Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

How to activate this service?

Very easy, just enter your administration panel and go to Settings, once there click on "Social Networks" and check the box next to find the phrase "Turn on social networks for the blog" remembers "Save" the changes, and click "Show web".

You can find more help in our
service Online Helpdesk Arcadina. Or if you prefer you can always contact us through the chat, We love taking good care of our customers!

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Load all the photos you want with one click

07th May 2014 - The latest - Comment -

One of the major improvements that you can use from now on, is the massive load of images with a single click.

From now the images associated with an entry are managed like a gallery, a method that you know very well in the management panel of your website, you can add all the images at once, change the order in which shown, decide what you want to be published and delete those that do not show interest.


 Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers


You can find more information in our
 Online Helpdesk Arcadina.

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Create new articles and edit them anytime

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How to create a new entry?

Enter the administration panel, go to the Blog tab menu, there you will find a list of posts (entries), to create a new entry you should click on the "New" button, and it will load the panel creating entries, see the following fields to fill in your information:

- We will write the post title.
- We will choose to publish or not.
- We will choose the publication you want to appear next to the entry.
- We will select and/or create the category.
- We will write the text of our post or article.
- We will add pictures to the gallery of the post.

Remember that post are displayed by date of publication in descending order, newest first.

Finally, we must remember to save and check the box "posted" if we want at that time. If you click Save, the post is stored on the system without it look even. If you choose the option to post, the post will be visible on the front page of the blog.

Very important to follow this advice: we must be careful not to cut and paste from Word. It is preferable to cut and paste first "Notepal" to remove formatting marks.

You can find more help in our Online Helpdesk Arcadina.

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